why the website

We’re reaching out to every kinda people who are awake, self-aware and hungry to make contact with like-minded people, locally and across the country.

The past year of lockdowns has provoked dismay and scepticism in every kinda people about where our country and society are going. We’re confused about how and why the majority of the population seems happy to be sleep walking into the sunset and just accepting everything the government is telling them.

That’s not the way we live our life. We want to use our energy to create a community of people who want to make a real and positive difference to their own wellbeing and the lives of others. A vibrant, physical and virtual network, wanting to share skills, visions, ideas and positive energy.

If these ideas resonate with you, please let us know you’re out there and join the every kinda people mailing list. Help us to build the connections and network that nurtures and develops great opportunities and positivity.

Explore to find out more about who we are, the thoughts, beliefs and values within every kinda people and what, with our combined energy, we are all capable of achieving.

Being excited about what could be rather than what is.

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