Supporting Failing Partnerships

Whether it’s your business, or life partner, the emotional impact of a rift is enormous and of course affects your business performance.

Business Partner

Problems are often triggered by an imbalance of effort and commitment put in, or reward taken out. The resulting resentment builds, you stop communicating and eventually there’s a destructive rupture between you, or deadly stagnation for the business. Talking together is the healthiest way forward and I can help you to get that underway and to the solution that works for you all.

Business Partner and Life Partner

When both of you earn salaries from the business, or set up the company together, it can seem impossible to imagine a way forward. The healthiest solution though comes from talking, no matter how painful that might be. A confidential conversation with me as an impartial outsider, brings a new perspective as well as helping you to think through the options and the most appropriate and decent way forward.

A Healthy Way Forward

Impartial help brings clarity and balance. It may be that your differences can be mended, no matter how impossible that might seem right now. At other times separation, breaking up the business, or divorce, is the only way forward. Should that be the case, then there are still many options open to you for getting to an amicable solution.

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