Optimising Family Business

350 Pen & PaperFamily Matters
Often complex situations ranging from the founder finding it hard to let go of the reins, siblings not standing up for themselves, sons and daughters not wanting to work in the business, or disquiet amongst staff when they do.
Family Dynamics
At their worst, family dynamics can stifle enthusiasm and cripple business growth and development and while denying the tensions and unspoken family issues at home is one thing, ignoring them within the business is short termism and can have a serious and detrimental impact.
Breaking the Silence
Finding a way through the tension can help to save family relationships and give the business its best chance of a healthy future. External support for the group, or for you as the person making the initial move to break the deadlock is an important way of keeping perspective and introducing a neutral view on your forward progress.
Sensitive Diplomacy
Confidential, diplomatic mentoring can help find a way through and bring you back on track. Solutions aren’t found overnight and it does require all parties to truly want to find a way through and stick at the issues, but the rewards are significant for both the business and family relations.
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