Managing Growth

350 Post It Note DiscussionUnexpected Growth
Increased sales can sometimes catch you unaware and having emergency help can be a life saver for getting back in control of the day to day, packing, despatch and invoicing. If that’s where you are, then call me now.
Planned Growth
The majority of businesses I work with have ‘adequate until now’ sales and administration systems. It’s the unspoken reality of SMEs, whether there’s 1 or 25 of you. All face challenges to cash flow, efficiency, staff numbers, management and good decision making as systems are tested under the strain.
Keeping Control
As things increase in pace and significance its normal to feel anxious and that you might be loosing control, particularly with a larger business where there is more to lose and a larger wage bill. Having regular confidential mentoring, or conversations with me as an external neutral, is a great way of keeping your perspective, nerve and confidence and for considering all of the options for taking your business successfully forward.
‘Hands On’ Support
Personal business support from me includes ‘hands on’ help where ever and when ever that’s necessary. From invoicing, debt collection, recruitment, finding and liaising with external suppliers, setting up new internal systems and training staff, the help is there for as long as you need it to get you to the next stage of your growth.
Call and let me know what stage you’re at and the kind of support you need.
Contact Peter
For an initial exploratory conversation call me on 01273 508207 or email