Forward Planning

300 Coffee shopPlanning for Growth
If you’re looking to expand, then planning how, when and where to stimulate growth is key to your success and to you remaining in control. Its a natural moment of anxiety when you’re about to disturb what’s currently working well and to step into the unknown. Mentoring and reflection with a neutral outsider helps your continuity, perspective and judgement.
Remaining Steady
Not everyone wants their business to grow. If you’re happy with the way things are, and want help keeping it that way, so things don’t run away from you, then please give me a call. I work with lots of business owners who feel the same way.
Planning for Exit
A sometimes difficult topic that touches on personal and sensitive areas, such as getting older, retirement, discovering the real market value of the business you have built, your wishes for its future and your succession. Discussion time with me provides you with a sensitive and confidential space where you can look at all of those aspects, to help you to confidently identify the best way forward.
Revealing All
Don’t let this worry hold you back from getting in touch. Most of sole traders and small businesses I work with don’t have a business plan, have made things up as they’ve gone along and, in many cases operate with simple and at times chaotic systems. There is no ‘right way’ and what you do and how you do it has taken you to where you are now and served you well.
Contact Peter
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