Peter Rock Personal Business Support
Re-energising owner managers and partnerships with an external perspective, insight, mentoring & strategic planning.The business therapy approach I’ve developed, is a rounded way of helping you get your business back into shape and flourishing in the way you always hoped it would.

Together we honestly explore the concerns and business issues you have and then identify what needs to happen in order to implement the best solutions, which might involve my hands-on help to bridge any short-term gaps in skills or staff.

Business Mentoring

Business mentoring helps you to get an external perspective on your business and is a place to offload the things that are troubling you and holding you back.

It can make a key difference to your success & the enjoyment of what you’re doing and you’ll be surprised how much ground we can cover in a 50 minute confidential session.

All of my clients, from sole traders to managers & owners of larger organisations, have times where they don’t feel in control of of what they’re doing. Regular mentoring has the greatest value and benefit at those key times.

Call me on 01273 508207 or email peter@peterrock.co.uk book your first session, and to find out more.

Business Solutions

Working in isolation is like being in a room with closed windows and doors. The air soon gets stuffy and before long your focus and concentration have gone. Easy to see that you need to have a breath of fresh air, walk about and get a new perspective. Working alone in your business is all to often the same, but for some reason trickier to spot and do something about. Don’t let it be your downfall. Get in touch today peter@peterrock.co.uk for your free first personal business support meeting.

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Business Inspiration

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